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Are Crib Bumpers Safe For Babies. It’s easy to understand the appeal of crib bumper pads for new parents. The first time that they can do this, according to the publication is when infants are four to six months of age.

Baby Safe Crib Bumpers it's BABY time!
Baby Safe Crib Bumpers it's BABY time! from

We know our job as protectors is to do anything we can to keep our kids safe. Additionally, there is no evidence about their protection from injury, and they even pose a danger to suffocation. Parents often use these bumper pads thinking they are increasing the safety of their child's crib.

Even More Than The Possibility Of Your Baby Having A Hard Time Breathing, Crib Bumpers Are Risky Because Your Little One Could Become Trapped Or Get A Piece Of The Bumper (Like A Tie) Wrapped Around Their Neck.

In september 2007, a study published in the journal of pediatrics concluded that crib bumpers are unsafe. Crib bumpers pose the risk of suffocation, entrapment, and strangulation. Crib bumpers, or bumper pads are not safe for infants.

The Soft Pads Promise To Protect Your Baby From Whatever Dangers Lurk Behind The Hard Surfaces And Gaps Of Crib Bars.

Crib bumpers are still considered a common baby product, despite years of safety warnings. The american academy of pediatrics also states crib bumpers should never be used — and the warnings don't stop there. And reports show that they can lead to suffocation, strangulation, or entrapment.

However, Crib Bumpers Are Not Considered Safe For Your Newborn Or Infant.

The bumpers also surround the interiors of a baby’s crib and prevent them from falling down as well. Even doctors have advised against using them, since many. And you may be tempted to use some kind of bumper or liner to keep your baby's limbs from slipping between the crib slats or your baby's head from banging against the sides.

These Products May Seem Harmless, Decorative, Or Even Necessary To Keep Your Baby Safe, But Bumper Pads Pose A Serious, Deadly Risk To Infants.

But, the warnings from safety agencies and advocacy groups are clear—crib bumpers are not safe. We know our job as protectors is to do anything we can to keep our kids safe. With a bumper in their crib, your baby could become stuck between it and the mattress or between it and the crib slats.

And It Seems Like Crib Bumpers Might Help, Since You Tie Them Up Around The Inside Of The Crib To Keep Babies' Hands.

At what age are crib bumpers safe? You might be tempted to turn to crib bumper pads as a solution—but are crib bumpers safe? There's certainly a theoretical risk of suffocation.

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