Leer Vs Century Truck Caps

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Leer Vs Century Truck Caps. Once you decide what kind of cap you want, you can select your budget. Hey gm dealership has more power than me.

Snugtop vs Leer vs A.R.E. verdict Page 3 World
Snugtop vs Leer vs A.R.E. verdict Page 3 World from www.tacomaworld.com

Feature wise i think i’ve narrowed it down to either an a.r.e. The are has a piece of molding going all around the base of the cap that kind of draws attention to it. Hey gm dealership has more power than me.

The Price Of The Truck Tops Varies Widely, From $99 To $1000+.

Here are some of the downsides involved in choosing plastic or composite truck caps: They always have coupons that will give you a free headliner, tilt window, etc. World of difference in quaility.

Once You Decide What Kind Of Cap You Want, You Can Select Your Budget.

Gm sales manager say gm has 3 yr warranty or 60 km. Snug top seems to think so, but my experience indicates that the frameless rear door leer held up better than the framed rear door are, but that may have been a brand issue. Century is a decent brand, and it's owned by leer so it's basically a cheap leer.

For Some, It’s A Lifestyle And For Others It’s Vital To Making A Living.

You can find your suitable cap in any price range. There is a lack of colors to choose from you will spend slightly more than an aluminum topper (generally around $1,500 installed depending on the added features) but, there are some pros to this option as well: I chose the a.r.e over the leer for 2 reasons:

Dealers While Only Radco Has Leer.

Leer wants $180.00 cdn plus $150.00 cdn to replace broken window. Bestop is a household name when it comes to producing tacoma soft top shells that are worth the money. The company was started in 1954 and is located in colorado in the usa.

I'm 2Yrs And 49,000 Km.

Leer may be a bit cheaper but you get what you pay for. Please call for accurate pricing. All dodges with a 60/40 tailgate can not have a tonneau cover * note:

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