Manufacture Date On Cooper Tires

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Manufacture Date On Cooper Tires. The date code first lists the week the tire was manufactured and is followed by a number representing the year it was made. If your full dot code ends in only three numbers, the tire.

Trying to decipher the manufacture date of a set of Cooper
Trying to decipher the manufacture date of a set of Cooper from

If your full dot code ends in only three numbers, the tire. Dot with date is only on one side of the tire, therefore being directional it should only show on two of the four tires. In most cases the manufacturer’s warranty will cover the.

For Example, 5200 Would Reveal That A Tire Was Manufactured During The 52Nd Week Of The Year 2000.

On all others the date will be in a easy to read format like mm/dd/yyyy. Tires that are 10 or more years old should be If you don't visibly see the dot tire code with the date code from the outside view, then you'll need to view the other side of.

The Last Two Digits Are The Year Of Manufacture.

Dot r5hg fhr 404 would indicate a tire manufactured in the 40th week of 1994 (or 1984, or '74). The second two numbers are the year the tire was manufactured. 1046 rows a complete dot code will always end in four numbers.

“Stamped” On The Outer Sidewall Of Each Tire Is Its Birth Date In A Straightforward Week/Year Format.

Determining the age of a tire | tire rack.the manufacturing location, tire size and manufacturer's code, along with the week and year the tire was manufactured. Read the last two digits of the dot code. Some tire manufacturers code the manufacture date and for these you will have to visit the manufacturers web site to decipher the code.

Prior To Year 2000 Three Numbers Are Used For The Date Of Manufacture.

The manufacture date of almost all tires can be found on the sidewall of the tire. Example of a tire manufactured since 2000 with the current tire identification number format: As the picture above, this tire was manufactured in week 21 st, 2018.

According To The European Tyre And Rim Technical Organisation (Etrto), Tyres Are New For 5 Years From The Date Of Manufacture When Stored In Optimal Conditions.

Besides, there are many numbers on the tire sidewall, which you can find out such as tire speed rating, tire load index. Approach to the tire service life issue. You should always inspect the tread patterns of the tires.

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