Ultimate Motorcycle Seats Vs. Mustang Seats

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Ultimate Motorcycle Seats Vs. Mustang Seats. For my frame at pushing 6'4 and 180lbs, the ultimate did fit a bit better, nicer curve for the rear whereas the mustang felt a bit more flat at the back, and more on the seat than in. I ended up selling the mustang seat and buying another ultimate.

VSTAR 650 CUSTOM Ultimate LOWRIDER Yamaha® Motorcycle Seats
VSTAR 650 CUSTOM Ultimate LOWRIDER Yamaha® Motorcycle Seats from www.nbmotorcycleseats.com

Both are great seats but after long rides the ultimate seat was alot more comfortable and gave me better support in my low back. It works well with the solo fender rack. It still bounces back when compressed, while the cheaper stuff will collapse under pressure.

Here, A Technician Crafts A Steel Baseplate.

They are great seats that lots and lots of riders love, but the ultimate was a great choice for us. But, i shipped back the ultimate, got the refund, then shipped the mustang to mcc, had them reshape and lower it, and kazzam! The corbin is a monster to break in.

Have Spent All Day Only Stopping For Gas And Was Comfortable For The Entire Ride.

In my opinion, it is the finest seat made. Personally i think they could have added alot more horizontal sitting area, all that. It is wide at the back but it tapers in towards the front much more than the mustang so it doesn't really spread your legs out so that solves the leg going to.

#19 · Jul 2, 2014 (Edited) I Went Through Several Seats Including Custom Built Ones For My 2005 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 And Finally Spent The Money And Bought A Russel Day Long And It Was The Best Money I Have Every Spent.

The corbin also positions you lower in the bike and a little further back. I've had 3 of them. Most stock seats (and some less expensive aftermarket.

But The Ultimate X Also Needs A Seat Cover Because Water Seeps In The Threads.

At mustang, “we go the distance” and firmly stand behind our products, down to every last stitch. Click the register link above to proceed. I.e., you leave the inserts in the side bolt hole attaching points and use screws supplied by ultimate to secure the seat.

The Ultimate Seat Attaches To The Bike A Bit Differently From The Mustang.

Not sure which one you are interested in. The mustang was a very close 2nd and won on several purchases due to the price. This tongue/slot design makes it really easy to put on or take off the seat as you only have to deal with the one screw in the back.

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